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Vision Industrial Plastic Solutions Ltd., is a unique full service organization, dedicated to bringing molds of the highest quality to our customers on time and at a substantial savings. More than 2000 sets successful molds have been delivered to our overseas customers. 

We are located in ShenZhen, south of China with the most convenient and development advantages, providing customers with product development, mold design, mold flow analysis, mold making, injection molding products, product assembly and surface treatment and other services.

We focus on customer demands and regard quality as the foundation for our long-term stable development. Through detail project management we follow up every machining process per schedule, communicating with customer every day and providing weekly report, with good problem solving abilities we satisfied our customers with on-time delivery and good quality molds for production. 

We are sparing no efforts to achieve customers’ request and make customer’s customer happy, we believe that the main thing in business is on-time and good quality and precision manufacturing and processing industries to create another piece of the sky


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